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About Credit Concepts

We opened Credit Concepts in 1997 because we believe everyone deserves to be invested in and provided with opportunities to grow.

We set out to provide lending opportunities for hardworking people in our community in a way that made them feel respected. 

Our goal has always been to provide excellent customer service. 

We assign each of our customers their own account manager because we believe that the better we know each of our customers, the better able we’ll be to help find solutions for their unique lives and goals. We designed our payment options with our customers’ busy lives in mind. Whether you’re running long haul delivery, taking the kids to and from daycare, or busy with a full class load, we want you to feel confident that you can quickly make a payment any time it’s convenient for you.

We started out as a small business in Eugene, Oregon and set out to build a reputation for being responsive and helpful at every step of the process. 

Since then we’ve steadily grown and now provide our excellent lending services to customers and dealers in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Nevada. 

Our growth is a direct result of our commitment to provide the best possible customer service in every aspect of our business.

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