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We specialize in helping those with no credit or bad credit get approved for loans. We know how important it is to improve your credit score, which is why we offer personal loans, auto loans and debt consolidation loans that can all help you achieve your financial goals. Visit our Edmonds location today!

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We always expect to deliver excellent customer service. If we have done so for you, please leave a Google review to let us know we did an excellent job, but if for any reason you do not feel that we have delivered we’d like the chance to help do so. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you better.

David Brown
August 19, 2022

I am about a year and a half in on a two year loan. Credit Concepts has been a blessing to work with. I got the down payment as well as the monthly payments I could afford. Yes interest is high but I had poor credit and couldn't get a loan through anyone else, thank goodness for CC. I've had two situations arise during this time where I was late on a payment or missed it completely. Credit Concepts worked with me through both circumstances and we're completely empathetic and professional. I might consider them over a traditional loan because of my great experience with them. Just communicate if you're having trouble, they'll listen and work with you. Thank you credit Concepts my credit scores and fico scores have risen dramatically over the last year and a half and it's all due to you giving me a chance to rebuild it

Duane Grochowski
August 4, 2022

High interest, but great customer service. They report when you make a payment, My credit score is climbing with each payment. They financed me when I was in a rough spot, I knew the terms when I signed and ended up getting the best truck I've ever owned at a price I can afford. No complaints!

James Drzazga
January 27, 2022

I was so blessed to have credit concepts as the 1st creditors I have felt with. I had to deal with losing work and low pay checks because of COVID. I imagined creditors I as some monster that would just call u constantly asking for their mone and taking the car if your even slightly behind. NOT THE CASE! They worked with me so much. It took a little longer 2 pay off but they were so nice and understanding about aANY problem to arise.Blessed, James Drzazga

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