Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Pledge. At Credit Concepts Inc. we respect the privacy of our customers. We recognize the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of your personal financial information. This notice describes the privacy policy and practices followed by Credit Concepts Inc. This notice explains what types of customer information we collect and under what circumstances we may share it.

Customer Information We Collect.

  • Application Information. We retain personal information we receive from you on any application you provide for a loan. This information includes, but is not limited to, name, address, social security number, birth date, phone number, employment and financial status and credit history.
  • Your Transactions. Any time you make a transaction on your account including loan payments, we retain the transaction information, including: your account number, the date, the amount and other pertinent information.
  • Credit Reports. When we evaluate your application for a loan, we may request a credit report about you from a consumer reporting agency. We retain the personal and credit history information about you and we may use it to evaluate future account service requests.

Customer Information We Share. In order to provide financial services to you, we share certain information about you with our affiliates and third party service providers. However, we only share information to the extent necessary to service your account or offer new services to you. If we share your information, it is with the goal of bringing you quality services and greater convenience. Information we may have about former customers is generally only shared or disclosed if necessary to enforce or administer an account or as required by law.

  • Sharing Information With Third Party Service Providers. In order for us to conduct our operations, including servicing your account or processing your transactions, we need to share information with our service providers, including: data processing companies, check and other payment processing companies, loan service providers, insurance companies, collection agencies, credit reporting agencies, state and private auditors and our lending institution. These service providers act on our behalf. We only share the types of information necessary for the specific services that we are using or that are being offered. We share the following categories if information to third party service providers:
    • Personal information (name, address and account number)
    • Account information (type of accounts, account balances and transaction history)
    • Transaction information (dates, amounts, location and types of transaction)
  • We do not sell customer information nor share your account numbers with independent third party marketers offering their products and services. While we may assist in offering financial products and services of other financial service providers, we control the information used to make such offers.
  • Sharing Information as Legally Required or Permitted. We may share any customer information of yours in response to a lawful request by a court, government agency, or regulatory authority or as permitted by law in order to administer or enforce your account. We may also share our experience information about you with credit bureaus. Our reporting to credit bureaus is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which affords you the right to make sure that your credit bureau reports are accurate.

Our Confidentiality and Security Safeguards. We maintain strict policies and security controls to assure that customer information in our computer systems and files is protected. Our employees are permitted access to customer information that they may need to perform their jobs and to provide service to you. Our employees and agents have access to such customer information as necessary to conduct a transaction or respond to your inquiries. All employees and agents are trained to respect customer privacy. No one except our employees and agents has regular access to the computer system and records.

Privacy Policy Inquiries. If you have any questions about our privacy practices, you may contact us by: calling 541-342-8545 or 1-888-301-1043, sending an email to, or by writing to us at Credit Concepts Inc., 220 W. 7th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401